Daily Work


My Name is Skylar and I am from California. I grew up in San Diego with my dad and stepmom and in the Coachella Valley with my mom, stepdad and little brother. I decided I wanted to move to Kansas by the time I started my senior year and got accepted to Wichita State. I have some family in Wichita which really persuaded my decision, especially at the time one of my cousins had just had a baby and I wanted to be around as well as experience a new place.

I have a fat black cat named Polaris, who thinks he is human, and I have had him since freshman year of highschool. I enjoy doing adventurous things like snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, camping, and diving. I also love traveling and doing volunteer service work; I have had opportunities to go out and help families after Hurricane Harvey as well as going down to Panama and repainting old classrooms. I absolutely love plants, I have about 30 in my single bedroom apartment. I also love to play board games and go to concerts and I am a huge Disney fan. My favorite hobbies are really anything artistic but photography is my absolute favorite. 

A Little About Me: Introduction

Hello! I’m Madeline May, but most people call me Maddie. I’m 21 years old and starting my senior year here at Wichita State. I’m so excited to finish up the year and ready to graduate. I’m majoring in IMC and minoring in Business. I moved to Wichita my junior year of high school from Dallas. I met many of my good friends once I got here that now go to school at WSU as well. I was born in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. While my family and I lived there for many years, we began to travel all around the country for my dad’s business. I’ve lived in Chicago, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri and Florida. Although I was Texas born, I spent most of my childhood in Florida. So, you can say I am definitely a beach girl at heart. The ocean will always be my getaway from the world; my comfort at the end of the day. At some point in my life, I plan on living near the beach wether it be down south in Tampa Bay or in the heart of northern Massachusetts. There, I want to run my own business. My dream career is to own my own social media marketing/logo design business. Right now I am a server at a restaurant, but one day I want to work for multiple companies, always creating something new. I want to help businesses thrive and be apart of that process. Some values that I think are important when it comes to living my life include, caring for people no matter what, love, commitment, being spontaneous and being open minded. Some of my favorite things are cute clothes and thrifting, cooking, Trader Joes, essential oils, the Netflix series Outer Banks, dogs, rings, getting my hair done and traveling.

My mom and little sister at one of my serving jobs.
My sweet Obie. He is a golden retriever/springer spaniel mix. He is the love of my life, besides when he sheds all over my bedding and clothes.

Life and Times of Megan Jackson

Snapchat selfies are literally the only pictures I have of myself

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Megan Jackson, I’m 25 years old, I’m a Communications major with an emphasis in Electronic Media, and I’m in my finale year of college. I was born and raised in Wichita, KS and I briefly lived in Norman, OK. I’m super excited for this semester because it is my first semester at WSU in which I have on campus classes. While I dream of writing my own book and becoming an author, I know that being an author isn’t the most stable of career paths and I want to have a back up plan to have as a day job. As for what I’d like to do for my day job, I think it would be really fun to become a social media specialist or possibly go into television production. I’m currently planning on moving to Los Angeles after graduation.

My Hobbies

Cassandra Clare book signing

My hobbies mostly enjoy reading and writing. I’m currently in the process of writing a book that I started earlier this year in February. I hope to have it finished by the time I graduate next year so that I can work on getting an agent and getting published once I move to California. When I’m not writing, working, or doing school, I’m probably either reading a book, scrolling through social media, or reorganizing my bookshelves. I also enjoy going to book signings, though I haven’t been able to go to one in a while. Most of the ones I have gone to have been located in Wichita and hosted by Watermarks Books and CafĂ©, a locally owned bookstore that I enjoy going to. I’ve only been to one out of state book signing which was located in St. Louis and was for Cassandra Clare, one of my favorite authors. I got really lucky with that book signing since it took place about a month before everything started shutting down due to the pandemic.

My Family

So I come from a fairly small family. It’s just me, my brother, my cousin, my aunt, and my grandparents. I don’t really see them a whole bunch right now due to everyone having busy schedules but I hope to change that soon as I’d like to see them as much as possible before I move away. My brother just had a baby, a daughter that I have yet to meet, and my cousin just started classes at WSU Tech. We’re all super happy for both of them. My grandparents are currently in the process of remodeling their house, something that I try to help them with whenever I have the free time, while my aunt recently got promoted at her job. I also have a cat. His name is Jace, I named him after a book character, and I probably have close to two hundred pictures of him on my phone. I’m low key jealous of him because he’s about a hundred times more photogenic than I am. I spoil him to the point where my office has become more like his bedroom than it is my office.

About Silly Ol Me

The best picture I could find of myself. Sorry!

Some Basic Information

Hallo everyone! My name is Sheldon Buchholz, but I prefer to go by Shelly! I’m a sophomore going for a major in fine arts, with a focus on game design! While I was born in Manhattan, KS, I’ve lived in Wichita for the vast majority of my life. If you’re from here, I went to Northeast Magnet for high school.

A Little More About Me

As my major probably hints at, I love both gaming and drawing! As I type this, I already want to go and draw something! Another thing I do probably way too often is watch YouTube, mainly gaming related channels and the like. I also have a part-time job working as a general front-end worker at Dillon’s, though that’s obviously subject to change. What’s probably not subject to change is the fact that, from a relatively young age, I have been diagnosed with ADHD, and while I try not to let it take my life over completely, sometimes, it just kinda pops out. Hopefully that’s not too much of a burden!

Look at him sleep! I love him!

Another thing I absolutely adore is dogs! I have far too many pictures of my dog, Copper, on my phone! I’m not entirely sure what breed he is exactly, but he’s well over 12 years old, but by the way he acts, you never could tell! He’s super spirited for being so old! While I wouldn’t exactly be the crazy dog person, as that would be a lot of work and money, I hope in the future I can get a dog in a home of my own!

I hope someday, that I can start my own studio, and eventually even direct my own game! for now, though, I’ve kept my goals relatively low. Just get good enough at art and the like to win over some studios, then make connections, learn a bunch, and hopefully my dreams will one day come to fruition!


A little about me:

Hello, my name is Taylor Clay. I am a senior (finally) majoring in Communication Electronic Media. I moved here to Wichita three years ago from Kansas City, Missouri. I have an older sister and brother. I have a dog a named Zeus James.

When I graduate this spring I hope to be using my degree to be creating and inspiring through my work. I hope to land a job working with a marketing teaming helping them come up with multimedia to expend their brand.

Things I like

If I do get any free time between working on my portfolio and a part time job.I like to hang out with my friends and dog. I really enjoy reading, baking, and traveling. I really enjoy music and going to concerts, however since covid has happened life has been put on paused. Some of my favorite artist include Mac Miller, Drake, Ariana Grande, Beyonce.


My name is Eber Martinez. I am making my way through my communications degree, focusing on electronic media, while minoring in political science and women studies. I am the youngest of three, from a family of immigrants and I am a first-generation student. As an immigrant, I have seen how important communication is and want to use my experience alongside my degree to successfully deliver my mission statement. Education is something value immensely, as I have seen my family sacrifice too much so that I could have an opportunity. I like to always be expanding my horizons and learning, whether that be in traditional schooling, or in everyday experiences.

I have been living in Wichita for about sixteen years, but I love to venture into the mountains of Colorado and I occasionally travel to see some family in California.

When I am not in school-mode or at work I am with my dogs out for walks, or with my niece torturing her mom alongside her.

Some of my favorite things to do in my free time include playing video games, photography, editing, music sessions, Youtube, and accidentally replace meals with iced coffee. I love going to concerts and the whole experience that comes with seeing your favorite artist perform live.

Hello, it’s me. That one guy

That’s me, Caelin Bragg, after a year of not getting a haircut during the pandemic.

Hello. As the title suggests, I am that one guy. Some know me as Caelin Bragg, others from the internet might know me as my online nickname of “FalcoEagle,” which I’ve been unfortunately stuck with since before I was 10. I am a Communications – Journalism Emphasis major here at Wichita State, currently in my second year (senior) at WSU after transferring from Butler Community College, where I was also a Mass Communications major.

I’m also an aspiring poet, one of my favorite works of mine being one I titled “Tower,” which published in the Butler Lantern (“Nimbus” was my pseudonym), which can be read here if you like.

I initially entered school to study journalism because I believed it was a field where I could make a difference in the world for the better, something I feel incredibly passionate about doing with my life. To that end, I worked for the Butler Lantern newspaper at Butler Community College where I served as reporter, covering anything from local events, scandals in the student base and campus operations to bookending my time there covering a lawsuit filed against the school by a former professor.

I have asperations of going to the University of Kansas and pursuing a Juris Doctor to better equip myself to handle the difficult landscape that is facing the media and potentially become a lawyer at the forefront of the battle for a free press.

Only a fraction of a fraction of my total Yu-Gi-Oh addiction collection.

I’m not always so hyper-serious though, as anyone who knows me would say. I was basically born with a keyboard and mouse in my hands, with a direct link from my brain to the internet, for better and for worse. I have two older brothers, and it takes no time at all for us to immediately begin ranting and/or raving about the latest video game we’ve been playing. I also in the last few years entered back into my Yu-Gi-Oh addiction hobby after a 15-year hiatus, and now I’m starting to drown in my overflow of cards.

About Me: A Biography

A Little Bit of Me

Me being pretty on the 4th of July

Hi everybody! My name is Hudson, and I am a sophomore here at WSU! I am currently majoring in strategic communications with a minor in political science (subject to change, but that’s what I’m sticking with as of right now lol). I live in Wichita now, but I am from El Dorado, which is about 30 minutes east of Wichita. I would NOT recommend you visit there unless you love the smell of refineries.

My Hobbies or Something

If I’m not in my room doing homework, I’m usually always with my friends doing something stupid. I also like to game a little, whether that be with my roommates or my friends from home. I also really love pets! I have a snake in my apartment right now, but I want to get other animals like frogs or geckos. I also love “traditional” pets, so I included a picture of my dog, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

My dog being pretty

I also am really into music. My favorite artists are Damien Styles, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Tyler, The Creator, and Pentatonix. I am even planning to go to Tyler’s concert in Madison Square Garden (if COVID doesn’t stop that… wear your masks people!). I sadly have never been to a concert, and I just so happened to want to go to a concert when COVID started.

As I said earlier, I’m currently majoring in strategic communications. After I graduate, I really want to move to New York and start my life there. I’m also minoring in political science, which I hope to use to work for politicians’ PR teams. I even hope to minor in ASL and possibly become an interpreter!