Assignment Instructions (Fall 21)

Assign 13: Write a caption

Choose a photo you’ve already taken (or take a new one if you want) of someone doing something. Write a complete caption as detailed in the handout and instructional post on this website. It must be at least two sentences long and follow the correct verb format.

Assign 12: Mr. or Mrs. Veggie Head

Two parts: Mr./Ms. Veggie Head and Photoshop Tutorials

Mr. or Mrs. Veggie Head

The instructions you can see/download here:

Mr. Veggie Head instructionsDownload

And here are the photo files you’ll need :


Photoshop video tutorials

(These are important to your learning of Photoshop. Please watch/work TO LEARN, not just for an

assignment. So if you need to watch something twice, please do. If it helps to work along, please do.)

• Here is your starting point:

• Scroll down to the section called “Beginner Selection Course”

• Work through all EIGHT video tutorials in this grouping (only 4-5 minutes each).

• Try some of these selection techniques with photos of your own and post your favorite with the Veggie Head.

Assign 11: Shoot your own photos

Choose two photo subjects. One must be HUMAN and not posed.

Using your phone or other digital camera, shoot a bunch of photos. Try different composition techniques and multiple angles. Consider what we talked about in class and the many examples we looked at.

Take a stab at shooting “good photos” that has all three elements talked about in class: good composition, good/interesting light and emotion. You might shoot 30 photos (or more) to get the best/right angle, light and composition.

Choose the best single photo from each of your two subjects. Save the originals. Then edit the two photos using Photoshop — tone the photos and crop them for the best composition.

These should be NEW photos. Don’t browse your photo library for something you think will work.

Post the original of each photo and the edited version.

Assign 10: Photoshop Tutorials

These are important to your learning of Photoshop. Please watch/work TO LEARN, not just for an

assignment. So if you need to watch something twice, please do. If it helps to work along, please

do. You should spend at least 90 minutes with these tutorials, if not a little more.

Here is your starting point:

Watch/do these video tutorials:

• All FIVE videos in the “Get to know Photoshop” section (21 min total)

• All FOUR videos in the “Change the image size” section (17 min)

(**Screenshot your end product from only the “crop and straighten an image” one)

• This link takes you straight to “Improved contrast and brightness in a photo with levels” (4:40 min):

(**Screenshot your end product)

• Then, this link will take you straight to a quick tutorial on one way to adjust for a strange color cast

on a photo (2:41 min):

(**Screenshot your end product)

Post screenshots from these tutorials:

1. “Crop and straighten and image”
2. “Improved contrast and brightness in a photo with levels”
3. Correct an unwanted color cast

Assign 9: Photo from a pro

Spend a little time looking at the work of professional photo journalists. Locally, that’s people such as Travis Heying and Jaime Green at the Wichita Eagle, and Fernando Salazar and Jeff Tuttle, both freelance photographers now. Nationally, you could look at photos from The Associated Press, Reuters, the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and others.

Find a photo that you think is an excellent example of all three of the elements of a good photo as talked about in class: great composition, emotion, good/interesting light.

Post the photo along with the original photo credit and caption. Also tell us where the photo was published.

Finally, write a paragraph that explains how the photo meets the three criteria. Don’t just say that it does, but tell us how. (Explain, don’t just say.)

Assign 8: Color

For this assignment, I’ve created a slide deck that walks you through the assignment, including a few InDesign techniques you’ll need to use. Please don’t skimp on time when going through these slides. They’ll make the assignment both easier and more worthwhile for you. Toward the end, you’ll find examples from past classes, too, which gives you a clear picture of what you are trying to do. Have some fun with this assignment, and please choose a brand that you are able to define a color scheme from.

Assign 7: Infobox 2

Your assignment is to use your newfound typography skills to organize and prioritize the information for TWO “quick reads” or “infoboxes.”

• Text only — no color and no graphics

• Choose your own size for each one.

• Hierarchy and “scanability” are key here.

Here is the text for your two quick reads:

QUICK READ #1 (Fact list)

5 beautiful fall tress & shrubs

Heavenly Bamboo
Nandina domestica
Versatile shrub for the South
10 feet
Zones 6-9
Bloody Geranium
Geranium sanguineum
Clumping perennial
6 feet
Zones 4-8
Cercis Canadensis
Small tree with scarlet-purple leaves.
20 feet
Zones 5-9
Blackhaw Viburnum
Viburnam prunifolium
Tall native shtrub
15 feet
Zones 3-9
White Oak Quercus alba
National tree of the United States
Up to 80 feet
Zones 3-9

QUICK READ #2 (Schedule)

Shocker Basketball: Fall Games

Sept. 13, 3 p.m., Cowley College, Eck Stadium (Cox Yurview / KEYN 103.7 FM/)
Sept. 27, 4 p.m., Team Canada, Eck Stadium (Cox Yurview / KEYN 103.7 FM/)
Oct. 2, 12 p.m. Nebraska, Hawks Field (CBS Sports Network / KEYN 103.7 FM)
Oct. 9, 1 p.m. Fall World Series, Eck Stadium (ESPN3, / KEYN 103.7 FM)
Oct. 11, 1 p.m. Fall World Series, Eck Stadium (ESPN3, / KEYN 103.7 FM)
Oct. 12, 3 p.m. Fall World Series, Eck Stadium (ESPN3, / KEYN 103.7 FM)
Oct. 15, 3 p.m. Fall World Series, Eck Stadium (ESPN3, / KEYN 103.7 FM)
Oct. 16, 1 p.m. Fall World Series, Eck Stadium (ESPN3, / KEYN 103.7 FM)

Assign 6: Infobox 1

Your task is to use typography to make this fundraiser promo card much easier and faster to read. Use grouping and spacing to help organize the information. Use font size and weight to create hierarchy to make the information easier to scan. For this exercise, we will leave off art and color entirely. Text only.


  1. Open a NEW file in InDesign: 5″ x 7″ (make sure you have it set to inches) with .25″ margins all the way around.

2. Read the text first, then group it correctly. It it not necessarily in the right order the way it is now.

3. You can edit the text down just a little. You still need all the information, but you may be able to say some of it in a less wordy way. Avoid repetitive information.

4. Make sure your postcard has a true headline. You may need to write one. And make sure it’s big and really stands out.

5. When you’re done, use InDesign’s spellcheck to make sure you didn’t type anything incorrectly. (It’s under edit/spelling.)

6. First use SAVE AS to save your InDesign file. This is the one you can go back to later to change things.

7. When you’re completely done, use FILE/EXPORT and change the FORMAT to JPEG. This is the file you will upload to the class website.